Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader Will Start Their Business in the Redesdale Valley By The End of This Year

Historical Buildings

The Redesdale Valley is known for their historical buildings, authentic castles and beautiful coast. However, the valley has a lack of business opportunities for current entrepreneurs in this area. Since the Northumberland government only focused on the maintenance of the Redesdale environment, they only seemed to be interested in investing in environment-related projects.

City Hall

However, things starts to change after the local people decided to demonstrate in front of the city hall. The demonstration was held by many entrepreneurs and business owners in order to make a statement about the current situation in Redesdale. The demonstration caused a lot of impact, which eventually resulted in drastic changes. The government stated that they will start investing in new businesses.


Ninja Trader is one of the many companies that is interested in starting their business in the Redesdale area. This cryptocurrency trading company already operates in many different countries and are interested in the Redesdale area as their new market. Besides this trading company, a lot of other industries also showed their interest in the valley.

Local Entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneurs are already seeing improvements when it comes to business opportunities. The other benefit of external businesses is that they will also bring more job opportunities to the local people of Redesdale. This means that Redesdale can really grow economically and can offer more than just the environment and their historical surroundings. The government would like to see more local businesses as well, focusing on the tourism and reputation of the area. More touring operators will be settling in the area, along with many other tourist-related businesses.

Redesdale Area

Why would a business such as Ninja Trader wants to locate in the Redesdale area? The company always had an interest in the English market and this is also the reason why they would like to start an office here. They believe that it can affect the area in a very positive way and they are also looking for new employees as we speak. This trading company offers more than 100 jobs, which brings a lot of extra opportunities for the locals. Also, the government stated that they are interested in building a new university in the area. They would like to invest in a new future, builded up by our younger generation. The plans for building this university are already on the table, but the actual delivery date is still unknown.

Upcoming Building Projects

The Redesdale already has a lot to offer, but with the upcoming building projects the area will eventually be transformed into a modern society. The local people are really excited about the plans and are already waiting for the next updates. Ninja Trader already told us that they will be moving to Redesdale by the end of this year. The building project of their new office is already on going and more offices will be build within the following months. The Redesdale Valley would like to welcome every new business owner and entrepreneur by showing our support and help during the entire process. Hopefully the area will be transformed into a modern surrounding, inspired by the latest technology and innovations.