Great Outdoors

Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Redesdale and Northumberland— Places to Check Out

countryside of Redesdale

The countryside of Redesdale and Northumberland is peppered with rolling hills, ancient meadows, heather lands, and even secretive valleys. The land, which was once a lawless frontier where raids, violent bloody feuds and property destruction proliferated between families occupying both sides of the border for generations. Today, it is one of the most serene and peaceful parts of the country— home to animals and birds and a place where locals and visitors alike can relish the spectacular views of the upland.

Pleasant Outdoor Excursions

The unspoilt wilderness of the area makes it a great destination for those that want to walk for miles and enjoy the great outdoors. Tranquil and a great place to head to if you just want to get away from people and traffic and the hustles and bustles of daily life. On top of that, you get to enjoy the wide array of beauty spots that the Northumberland and Redesdale countryside offers. Below we list some of the interesting destinations to head to if a lovely weekend walk is what you’re looking forward to.

Whitelee Moor National Nature Reserve

One of the country’s top nature reserves in the upland, it is subject to conservation efforts mainly due to its heather heaths and active blanket bogs. The peatland is also being revitalised with the goal of improving the overall information and access to the site so more people can appreciate and see how special the moor is.

A rare blanket bog makes up for a large part of the reserve— home to a wide array of plants from bog asphodel and cloudberry, to cotton grasses and sphagnum mosses. Adding diversity to the site are acid and rough grassland, heather moorland, blanket bogs, and valley fens among others. The gorgeous natural spots in the moor will make for an interesting walk and those that would love exploring. Pack along some lunch in a basket and spend a delightful afternoon picnicking and taking in the wonderful views.

Hindhope Linn- Waterfall Walk

This spectacular waterfall is situated in a serene and enchanting dell. The trail is accessible by following the forest road along Blakehope Burn Haugh Farm which will lead to the path overlooking the magical waterfall and Blakehope Burn. Trekkers will love the larch and old Scots Pine which are living reminders of the area’s ancient forest. The walk also offers a toilet block which is open from April to October, two picnic areas, along with an access to the long-distance path at Pennine Way.

Corsenside Walks

This county parish offers a vast expanse of farmland and rolling hills. Home to East Woodburn, Ridsdale, and West Woodburn villages with just about 700 inhabitants, it offers beautiful scenery on top of numerous historic points of interest. There is also a thriving wildlife which makes it a great setting for walking. It even offers different types of walks depending on your preference including the Children’s Wildlife Walk, Valley Ramble, Historical Walk, and Health Walk.

Padon Hill Circular Walk

If you love to get a good view over the North Tyne and Rede valleys, Padon Hill Circular Walk is a great setting for some leisurely weekend walks. To start, just follow Pennine Way to the north and then follow south when you reach the forestry track. The road should continue onto Tarset Burn where it then turns upwards then back to the parking area.

There is no shortage of interesting sights, beautiful views, and amazing wildlife when you walk the Northumberland and Redesdale countryside. You do not even need to hike for miles just to experience the beguiling beauty and tranquility it offers. For a fulfilling and relaxing walk that truly reconnects you back to nature and the wilderness, Redesdale and Northumberland will never disappoint.